Concrete Calculator

How much ready mix concrete do you require?

To help you calculate exactly how much concrete you will need for your next project use our special concrete calculator. It will help you determine your concrete costs, and estimate the budget for your project. Contact us if you are ready to order or need more information.

Calculate volume & weight required

Our premix concrete calculator can help you estimate the volume of concrete required, based on the size of the area that needs to be covered. Cement is mixed with water, blue metal and sand and needs the right consistency to be effective. Once you have calculated how much you need, you can call our office and place an order for one of our trucks to deliver. We will take care of all your small to medium sized concrete requirements.

An accurate concrete estimator can calculate the amount of concrete you will need for laying bricks or blocks, and how much concrete you will need for post holes. The first question most people ask before they start a project is, “how to work out how much concrete I need.” This can be easily calculated as long as you know the dimensions of your project. Take into account wastage, then calculate to have a little left over after you are done.

Whether you are in construction or planning your latest DIY project, contact our team at Midland Mini Crete for all your pre-mix concrete needs.