Ready-mix concrete

What to consider when ordering ready-mix concrete.


Did you know we deliver ready-mix concrete in Perth to you on or off-site? Our ready-mix concrete is premium quality, and affordable, so you know you are getting the most out of your ready-mix concrete supplies.


We understand there are plenty of concrete deliveries in Perth, but we are different from other ready-mix concrete suppliers in Australia!  At Midland Mini Crete we are 100% family-owned and operated. Meaning we care and think about your project as if it was our own. Our concrete delivery in Perth can be done the same day you order, and we make sure to work with you to meet any deadlines that might be approaching.

We have a couple of tips you should consider when ordering premix ready-mix concrete.

1) Make sure you know if you need ready-mix concrete or if your project requires another material (we can help you uncover other possible materials to use when building!).

2) Worried about the right ready-mix concrete and cost? Visit our concrete calculator so that you can order the correct amount with ease!

3) Consider the dimensions of your project carefully. The more accurate you are with the volume, levelling and finishing needed, the better we can assist you and provide fast concrete delivery in Perth. Always make sure the quantity is correct because at the end of your project you can’t return concrete. However, you can still order more premix ready-mix concrete.

4) Buy local! We pride ourselves in having locally sourced materials and employing WA locals. This means costs are lower for you as there is less transportation cost.

How do Concrete deliveries in Perth work?

Our process of concrete deliveries in Perth involves our fleet of mini concrete trucks which can access all construction sites with ease. We specialise in the supply of small to medium quantities of ready-mix concrete. We are confident that no matter how little you need or how small the location is, we will be able to provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Whether you need a ready-mix concrete block wall or a concrete slab for your driveway, we will be able to source the correct truck for the delivery. We have even supplied loads as small as 0.2m³, which is a small three wheelbarrow loads. Alternatively, we have completed large concrete deliveries in Perth up to 5m³ in one of our large ready-mix concrete trucks.

We are ready to work with you! No matter the obstacle or size of the job, we have a team on-hand available 7 days a week to see you succeed. Contact us today to discuss more about Pre-mix Ready-Mix Concrete in Perth.